Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boob toob

I'm not much of a TV watcher, don't even have cable. The only show I watch in real time is "Grey's Anatomy", but half the time I forget and have to catch up on Hulu. My daughter had been watching it for years - she and some friends made a girls night out of it - so I had to see what the big deal was. Thanks to streaming Netflix, I was up to speed - and hooked - in no time. (At the end of last season, I thought they had "jumped the shark" with that plane crash, but this season is better than ever.)

Then my son recommended "Damages" and I fell down the rabbit hole of non-network programming. Next came "Breaking Bad", then "Downton Abbey". Back on network TV, I learned that "Desperate Housewives" was in its final season (meaning it was finite), so I ran through that as well. "The Good Wife" is not streamable, so I watch that on disk. Last night I started watching "Weeds", which is like a cross between "Desperate Housewives" and "Breaking Bad". "Mad Men" is also in the queue. Should I add "Dexter"?

Those involved in the development of weekly shows claim that watching episode after episode, all in a row, is NOT what they intended, NOT what you are supposed to do. I think that is like saying one should read only one chapter a week from a dozen books at a time. My favorite authors produce books at the rate of about one per year (except you, Margaret Atwood - we're still waiting for the end of the trilogy). Watching an entire season of a show in one go is like reading a whole book, then waiting a year for the next release.

What about you? Any recommendations?

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  1. If you haven't seen them, I'd recommend The Sopranos, Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls, and Lost. Or ... maybe just the first season of Lost -- evidently I'm still bitter about the finale. You might like The Wire; I watched only the first few episodes and couldn't really get into it. I thought it was good, but maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it. Everyone else I know raves about it.

    Season 5 of Mad Men is on my coffee table right now. I'm going to watch it in a couple of marathon sessions over the holiday.