Sunday, December 9, 2012

I only shave for my massage therapist

Yesterday was what I like to think of as a spa day. I don't actually go to a spa, but it is a form of pampering that includes a hot bath, a fresh razor, and a massage.

I also stopped by the Little Shop of Spinning. No one else was there besides the owner, her husband, and another woman who asked if I were a spinner. When I said no, she responded, "Well, we'll fix THAT!" And before I knew it, I signed up for lessons.

Then I headed north, to the Big Red Barn, to buy some stocking stuffers (goodies from Korte Acres). Ordinarily, a "fiber guild" meets there the second Saturday of the month and I had brought some knitting just in case I wanted to join them, but apparently everyone was too busy to show. Don't they have some holiday knitting to finish? I know I do.

Then I drove a bit further north, to eyeball some property that was for sale. Once upon a time, I lived in the country and always believed that I would once again. About ten years ago I almost bought a nice piece of land west of town, but the timing was not right. Most days I feel like it is too late, but I still keep an eye out for MY piece of rural heaven. This was not it.

Back home for a nap. Not my usual 10 or 20 minute quickie, but a solid hour of coma-like sleep. Only later did I realize I was coming down with a cold. Actually, I think it has been incubating for several days, which explains my lack of energy and inability to warm my bed despite so many covers I can barely move. The feeling cold part seems to have passed while the other symptoms have just begun. Ugh.

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