Monday, December 24, 2012

Ideas not acted upon

Over my lifetime, I have occasionally had a good idea that I didn't follow through on. The wireless doorbell? That was my idea. Software for generating counted cross stitch patterns? I thought of that first. Publishing a book of methods for casting on and binding off? That was in the queue. While I created the phrase "I can't believe it's not Buddha" I didn't quite envision this:

At one point (maybe fifteen years ago?) I considered opening an online yarn store, but not wanting to be just another online yarn store, I tried to define my niche. After purchasing four sweaters at Goodwill for the purpose of recycling the yarn, it occurred to me that selling recycled yarn could be my niche. But I never even got around to unraveling those four sweaters, and someone on Etsy beat me to it. One reason I never followed through was the amount of manual work recycling yarn would require. But if I had had one of these:

Hope all your ideas are fruitful!

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