Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm jogging!

Per usual, I have been thinking about New Year's resolutions lately. Per usual, they are the same ol' same ol': eat less, exercise more, keep the house cleaner, etc. This past year I actually made some progress.

Housework is something people don't notice unless you don't do it. I am still not a very enthusiastic housekeeper, but I know I have been doing a better job. Not stellar, but better. I considered hiring it done, but I would first have to deal with the clutter, and if I got rid of the clutter, it would be easier for me to do the cleaning. So this will be the year of decluttering.

I have lost some weight this past year, but that was from the diverticulitis, so I don't really count that. I have an app on my phone that helps me track calories consumed and calories burned, and I have come to the conclusion that I cannot just diet.

This past year I addressed some of my mechanical ailments by going through a round of physical therapy, regularly visiting a chiropractor, and resuming monthly deep tissue massages. My SO and I signed up for yoga classes this past fall, to step up that aspect of our activity program (and we are signed up for both tai chi and yoga starting next month).

My new supervisor wants me to work at work more, so even though I work on the first floor, I climb stairs a couple of times a day to counteract being chained to my cubbie all day. Our desks and monitors are adjustable, so sometimes I raise them and work standing (sitting is the new smoking). When the weather is amenable, I circle the pond a couple of times at lunch, and when it is not, I take a yoga mat into one of the privacy rooms for stretches.

Usually I get a lot of walking done during the summer, albeit behind a mower, but the dry weather eliminated the need for lawn control. I also am able to find a lot of excuses for not walking: it's too hot/too cold/too wet/too windy/too dark/too buggy (and fitness centers are too germy). So I purchased a used treadmill. Using the Couch-to-5K program, but walking instead of jogging, I made good use of it.

Then one day, while playing with Finn and a piece of string, I started jogging back and forth through the house while he chased. By the time he quit the game, I had jogged for five minutes without stopping. Huh. So the next day, as an experiment, I tried jogging for 20 minutes, still in the house, barefoot. No problem.

Quite frankly, I am shocked. I have never had much lung power, even as an athletic child; once, inspired by the Olympics, I decided I was going to become a miler, but could not even make it around the block. In my 20's, when jogging was hot, I diligently worked toward being able to jog one mile around a track. It took a month, but I finally did it - then promptly quit jogging for the next 35 years.

So what is different now? I credit all the PT exercises, particularly the ones the chiropractor provided, like the "marching bridge". In general, I feel stronger all over, and I think that translates into being able to jog without dying. I won't break any speed records, not even for my age group, but I like my new capabilities. And while my weight stubbornly refuses to budge, I have lost inches.

The cold air makes my lungs hurt, so don't look for me to be jogging around the neighborhood anytime soon. However, once the weather warms up in the spring, I hope to take this show on the road. Also, our fair city has a Fort4Fitness event in the fall that includes a 4-mile run/walk. I bet I could do that.

We are all perfect just the way we are... AND we could all use a few improvements. How about you?

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  1. I love that you spent a month building yourself up to being able to run around the track and then quit running for 35 years. That's ME. In a nutshell!