Saturday, December 8, 2012

Knit me maybe

I am still slogging through the xmas knitting even though I hear the siren call of a new sweater for me. The gateway drug to handknit sweaters is something called a "trunk show". Initially I thought trunk shows at yarn stores were one-time events and I pictured all the skinny rich bitches from Aboite township trying on size teeny-tiny sweaters. Maybe that is the case some places, but my local yarn stores keep the garments around for a while and the sweaters are actually sized for normal people. Consequently, a swirl sweater is in my queue, plus a stylish Manos del Uruguay sweater pattern and yarn came home with me last Saturday. When I carried that purchase to the yarn room, I tripped over a boxful of yarn purchased for a Vogue sweater. And then there is the yarn I bought last summer, ostensibly for a sweater but now maybe a poncho. Major projects, all calling my name.

But this is the sweater I really want to knit:

A co-worker purchased it at Kohls (which is also where these images came from). I could not stop staring at it - love at first sight. But I imagined knitting it in something lush, like a wool-silk blend, not "acrylic/metallic" whatever the hell that is. I also imagine it as a cardigan instead of a pullover.

Maybe if I find a pattern for a chevron cardigan and maybe if I figure out the stitch pattern for the eyelet-cable repeats (and maybe reverse the cables on one side), I could manage. But maybe first I should knit up what I already have.


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