Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knitting progress and a sick day

This head cold is kicking my butt, so much so that I decided to actually take a sick day. Since I can work from home, I usually take no sick days when ill, choosing to struggle along from my couch, tethered to my company laptop, which is what I did the past two days. But cold meds have fuzzied my concentration to the point where I am making mistakes. I think an official sick day is in order. Also, I don't want this to drag on and on over xmas. Being sick on a work day is one thing, but being sick over holidays and vacation is not allowed.

Anyway, I have not been too sick to knit. I finished a scarf for my granddaughter, and since the temps are more "normal" - i.e. cold - she is already wearing it.

It is just a simple 2x2 rib, alternating colors, using leftover Baby Cashmerino. I cast on 34 stitches and worked it for about 40".

My daughter requested some socks for work, dark but warm. You can't really see the lace pattern in this pic, nor the metallic threads, but these are turning out fine - so far. Since she also wanted them longer than usual, I am knitting them from the toe up.

The socks below are for my son and are also knit toe up. He is the Big Foot of the family, so his socks take more yarn and more stitches. I am trying something new, though: instead of increasing the number of stitches, I went up a needle size. The interesting thing is the fabric feels more cushy, I suppose because each stitch has more air in it?

Besides the above, I have been redoing the ribbing on the Ribbed Jacket for my granddaughter. An extra button was requested, which meant an extra button hole, but once I started unraveling the ribbing, I just kept going. And then I decided to add ribbing all around the bottom, to increase its length. I'm not quite satisfied with the results, though, so I may have to rip it out again. I'm not a perfectionist - I just want to make sure it fits well enough that it is well used.


  1. Oh dear--I hope you're feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!!

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