Sunday, December 2, 2012

My apologies, Parkview Field

When our fair city first came up with the idea of revitalizing downtown by building a new ball park for our minor league team, I was agin it. Parkview Field was part of a larger plan, but I still did not see the value, primarily because baseball season is so short. Even before this weekend, I had to eat my words because the new ball park is a HUGE improvement over the old one, the park is open daily to the public so people can make use of the 1/3 mile walking path, and the facility is available for both outdoor events (e.g. Bob Dylan concert) and indoor events. Saturday we took advantage of one of those indoor events and made our maiden visit to the year-round farmers market.

The market occurs on the first Saturday of each month. The vendors include locals offering fresh produce, jewelry, roasted coffee, baked goods, soaps and lotions, hand knit items, YARN, etc. Getting there early was not such a good strategy unless you like crowds.

I limited my purchases to some spinach and parsley, and we breakfasted on maple cinnamon rolls. I also connected with a local woman who sells spinning wheels and teaches spinning and also dyes her own yarn using natural materials. She doesn't know it yet, but she just became my new mentor.

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