Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Parsley, sage, rosemary, no thyme

Fall cleanup happens around here at a leisurely pace. A bed here, a bed there, whenever. Recently the weather has been very springlike (except for the lack of rain, which is neither spring nor fall like for these parts), so almost everything is already cleaned up. My neighbor kindly shared some of his fallen leaves, so the garden beds have been put to bed for the winter. I cleaned off the patio beds, including the asparagus. I even cleared out the bed on the south side of the house, one that gets neglected in an out-of-sight-out-of-mind sort of way.

Many plants just don't want to give up, though, especially the herbs. Besides the rosemary, which is still doing fine on the back porch, the following remain.




French lavender

While our frost dates don't seem to be moving much, the average temperatures are. Every spring I think about gardening year round, but by fall I've lost my enthusiasm for the idea. If it is going to be this temperate, maybe all I need to do is protect the hardier vegetables against frost as I am with the rosemary.

Speaking of spring, the seed catalogs have already begun arriving. And already I am fighting the urge to get carried away. Same old story.

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