Friday, December 14, 2012

The birds must eat

When my granddaughter comes to visit, we invariably spend some time watching the backyard birds.

I've been accused of living too far beneath my means, so this year I splurged a bit on the bird feeding setup. Well, my SO splurged on this new platform feeder...

... then I later bought this baffle to keep the squirrels out.

And then I added the picket fence to keep the dog from eating the spilled seed. Don't worry, the squirrels can still get inside the barricade to help with the clean up.

Then I had to protect the peanut feeder and the area beneath the peanut feeder in a similar manner. The fences are temporary solutions - hopefully I will come up with a better idea next summer - but the baffles are well worth the money as they save in seed costs.

Another splurge was a wire wreath for unshelled peanuts. This feeder is reachable by the squirrels, but just barely. It requires acrobatics on their part, and yet they still can't empty it.

Not pictured is the finch feeder, and I have not hung out suet yet, as the daytime temperatures are just too warm. No sense torturing the dog by dripping fat under the feeders.

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