Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toes up

I did not quite get all my xmas knitting done this year. One pair of socks remain. These were delivered, though.

Pattern: Short-row toe and heel basic sock, by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Austermann Step in colorway 0023 (self-striping)
Needles: US2
Modifications: none worth mentioning

Usually I knit socks on US1 needles, but decided to try US2's in order to make larger socks without knitting more stitches around. Also, I usually use metal needles, but these were bamboo. I'm not convinced using these needles was a good idea - the resulting stockinette fabric feels insubstantial. I asked the wearer to provide feedback, although I am guessing I will not repeat this experiment.

I also don't usually knit toe-up socks, but everyone seems to like their socks taller which sometimes results in running out of yarn at the toe when knitting from top down patterns. And as a knitter, I think it is important to try new techniques. Elizabeth Zimmermann has a pattern for knitting socks sideways that I hope to try next, after the final pair of xmas socks is complete.

Are you a toes-up or top-down sock knitter?

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