Monday, January 21, 2013

Vegetable garden plans

I selected seeds and plants for this year's garden several weeks ago, but I've been letting my choices ferment a bit before placing my orders. Now that my garden consists of raised beds, I have a firm grasp of just how much square footage is available for growing food and am planning appropriately.

If I were truly anal, I would plan my meals for the year and grow exactly what I need to cook those meals. The problem with such a goal is the garden, of course, and the weather, two frequently uncooperative variables in any gardening algorithm. That said, because I could not find golden beets in my local grocery stores, I am growing them just so I can make golden beet soup.

Here is this year's list for the vegetable garden:

Vegetable Variety Source Form
Beets Burpee's Golden Seed Savers Exchange seeds
Beets Early Blood Turnip-rooted Seed Savers Exchange seeds
Broccoli Sun King Hybrid Burpee seeds
Brussels sprouts whatever buy locally 1-3 plants
Bush bean Blue Lake 274 Pinetree seeds
Carrots Danvers Half Long Burpee seeds
Corn Honey and Cream Pinetree seeds
Cucumber Burpless Beauty Burpee seeds
Kale Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Pinetree seeds
Kale Red Russian Pinetree seeds
Kohlrabi Early White Vienna Pinetree seeds
Lettuce Pinetree Lettuce Mix Pinetree seeds
Lettuce Pinetree Winter Lettuce Mix Pinetree seeds
Onions Big Daddy Hybrid Burpee 2 bunches
Parsnip Harris Model Pinetree seeds
Peas, English English Pinetree seeds
Peas, snap Amish Seed Savers EXchange seeds
Pepper Candlelight Seed Savers Exchange seeds
Pepper Cherry Stuffer Hybrid Burpee 3 plants
Pepper Favorite sweet peppers Burpee 6 plants
Potatoes undecided undecided seed potatoes
Pumpkin Small Sugar Burpee seeds
Pumpkin Rouge Vif d'Etamps Burpee seeds
Radish French Breakfast Pinetree seeds
Rutabaga Joan Seed Savers Exchange seeds
Spinach Space Pinetree seeds
Squash Waltham Butternut Ferry Morse seeds
Sweet potatoes Vardeman me plants
Tomatoes Roma Pinetree seeds
Tomatoes Fresh Salsa hybrid Burpee 1 plant
Tomatoes Sun Gold hybrid Burpee 1 plant
Tomatoes Supersauce hybrid Burpee 1 plant
Turnip Purple Top White Globe Seed Savers Exchange seeds
Zucchini Burpee hybrid Burpee seeds

As you can see, I have not yet selected an Irish potato to grow. The variety I have favored in recent years is Carola, but it is getting hard to find so I'm looking for a new favorite. Many of the other vegetable varieties listed above are ones I have grown with varying success, others are new or new-to-me. Some veggies, like kale, I have never grown. It should be an interesting year.

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