Sunday, February 3, 2013

I can't keep up

A while back, I combined my three blogs into one and I'm still not posting very often. It's not that I don't have anything to say, I just seem to be too busy doing to do any writing. I suppose that is a good thing, although one of my goals with working part-time was to have more time for writing.

So what have I been up to? For one thing, tai chi. My SO and I signed up for a class, ostensibly called "Tai Chi for Health" but it is really "Tai Chi for Arthritis" per Paul Lam. It is taught by a former co-worker of mine, through the local parks department. We are both enjoying it. We are also taking yoga again as our Wednesday night "date night" followed by a light dinner out.

If that weren't enough learning, I also learned to spin yarn on a spinning wheel during the month of January. The first lesson was fun, but between the first and second lesson, I convinced myself I did not have time for one more hobby. The second lesson was even more fun, and who would not want to have fun? So my final question at the end of lesson three was "Will you sell me a wheel?" I pick it up tomorrow.

Besides exercise classes, I've been fairly resolute about exercising regularly: jogging two or three times a week, doing my shoulder and hip PT exercises twice a week, practicing yoga at home, doing the core exercises the chiropractor gave me almost daily, walking when the weather allows, riding the stationary bicycle occasionally, etc. All in an effort to keep up with my granddaughter, who is in the midst of the terrific/terrible twos. I decided to give her mom and dad a break by keeping her overnight most Saturday nights. In fact, she is sleeping in the guest room right now.

Then there is the knitting. I have been working on two sweaters for myself. Sweater number one, which we shall call Blue Denim, is from a Vogue pattern that I actually paid money for, which is really bugging me because the closer to the end I got, the more vague the instructions became, until they were just plain WRONG. I muddled along best I could, but am not satisfied with the last little bit. That has not stopped me from wearing the sweater around the house, loose ends dangling, because it is quite comfy and warm. Maybe I'll get it figured out today. The other sweater, Big Pink, is about 25% done. I hope its instructions are more robust.

I am also trying to develop the habit of processing my milk delivery sooner rather than later. I get two gallons bi-weekly. The cream I've been turning into ice cream, but that may have to stop - my homemade product is about 300 calories per half cup - no wonder it is so satisfying! A good portion becomes yogurt, plus I make some kind of cheese with the rest. This week it was queso blanco, which is like paneer, a cheese that does not melt and can be used as a substitute for tofu in recipes. In fact, I will be using this cheese to make vegetarian chili for our Super Bowl meal tonight.

There is still time to veg in front of the TV some nights. I am hooked on "The Good Wife" and have just finished the third season (thanks to Netflix). Season four won't be available for a while, as it is the current season and I don't want to jump into the middle of it by watching in "real time", and football season is ending today, so I foresee less TV in my immediate future. Just in time to start garden seedlings inside.

And I read! In the midst of listening to Metatropolis on CD. Just finished Die a Stranger, by Steve Hamilton, and Home Ground, by Allen Lacey. Starting The Paris Wife.

All this, and work too. I can't wait to retire. Someday....

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  1. You are wise to make exercise a priority. I use a stationary bike most days, but should do more. I've thought about yoga, I'm told it's very good for stress.