Monday, February 4, 2013

More phone rage, tamed

I have this expensive phone with a cheap plan, which has worked out well until the past couple of days, when service has been intermittent. Last call received was Saturday, I can make no outgoing calls except to 911 (and I don't think this is qualifies as an emergency); my attempts to send messages fail, then later succeed; I cannot even access my account through the phone.

I'm about to start a "live chat" with a customer service rep. That is plan A. Plan B is to call the local store (they don't know much about prepay plans since they cannot sell them). Plan C, try the menu hell they call customer service. Plan D, contact their sales department. Let's see how well this works out.

I went from being 14 in the queue to being second, but my wait time fluctuates between 4 to 6, 2 to 4, 4 to 6 minutes. Oops here we go...

Well, I was hoping for a rant here, but the live chat was actually helpful. It turns out I am in a "known impaired service area" and crews are working on it. I am glad it is not my phone. Or me. I also received a $5 credit for my inconvenience. Next time I will try the local store first, as they should know about impaired service areas.

We had a lovely snow last night/this morning, although not enough for cross country skiing. Shoveling the driveway will be my exercise for the day. Then off to pick up my wheel!


  1. You're on T-Mobile? So am I, and I've had crap service for the last couple of days too, so possibly the impaired service area they're talking about is their entire network.

  2. I've got ATT and I go through periods when there are constant dropped calls. But darn those customer service reps, depriving you of an opportunity for righteous anger. Hate it when that happens.

  3. Customer service representatives are so hit and miss. You can talk to an absolute gargoyle who insists that you did nothing wrong, hang up in a huff, try again, and then connect with an absolute angel who solves your problem immediately...