Friday, March 29, 2013

The critter I hate to love

Betsy uncovered a rabbit nest in the asparagus bed last week. Even though I hate what those wascally wabbits do to my yard, I shooed the dog away and tried to put the nest back together again. I didn't see any evidence that momma returned, but a couple of days later...

... this little fella hopped across the yard, causing Finn to race from patio door to West Wing window and back again. Meanwhile, Betsy had cornered another under the bend of a downspout, where the patio meets the foundation. That poor thing had flattened itself against the concrete as much as possible. I was afraid Betsy had injured it, but once the dog was inside, the baby bunny hopped off in the opposite direction as its sibling.

I was hoping they had left the yard altogether, but last night, while picking up dog poop, I spotted this one next to one of the patio beds:

It kept perfectly still. Both Betsy and Finn were outside with me; neither detected it, even though Betsy passed within inches several times. Her nose must be losing its magic powers as she ages.

Today I spotted this big one on the patio - momma I presume. I tried to get a picture of her looking in the patio door, but was not quick enough. There is still a bit of snow left over and the grass is not really green yet, but she found something to nibble on.

Later I saw TWO adults in the backyard, hopefully not making more babies. Time to round up the poultry netting!


  1. I never see rabbits around here, just the occasional raccoon. Some idiot a few blocks away claimed a black bear walked through his back yard last year, but we assume he was drunk.

  2. I know the entertainment value of them cannot make up for the destruction that they do, but THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!