Saturday, May 4, 2013

If it weren't so windy, there would be photos

Yesterday I drove through town to my daughter's house, to pick up the granddaughter for the weekend, and was just *amazed* at all the trees and shrubs in bloom. It was like magic... until I realized I had not left the house for almost a week. The little cough I was working on at the fiber festival turned into a hacking mess before the weekend was over. Wednesday was hump day in more ways than one, and I have been on the mend ever since. Still a lot of coughing, plus some wheezing (I think I now know what asthma and emphysema feel like), but generally better. If I am still wheezy come Monday, I will call my internist, but according to Dr. Internet, I probably have bronchitis, which is treated with ibuprofen and rest.

The daffodils are done, but the dandelions are making up for their absence. Because of my chest cold plus grandma duty, the yard looks like a jungle. I have puttered a bit, planting 'Angelina' sedum in the bed by the front walk, transplanting tomatoes and other vegetables (but not to the garden proper yet), picking (and eating) arugula and spinach and asparagus. I haven't been able to dig in like I want, though.

And now that the weather is just absolutely perfect and the garden and yard are in so much need of attention, I have to go on a business trip. *sigh*


  1. Except to creep out to the garbage can like Night of the Living Dead, I haven't left the house since last Monday. I'm still sneezing and congested so I should probably stay in today too, but I have things due at the library and I'm almost out of orange juice. In related news, I am never sorry that I stock up on Kleenex when it's on sale (says the person who once bought 50 boxes of Kleenex when it was on sale).

  2. Glad you're feeling better!

  3. I can empathize! Glad you're over the hump. I think I am, also, a good thing since I'm about to deplete my Puffs supply.