Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend interrupted

I thought the weather forecast was for clear skies today, but I awoke to the sound of rain. I'm not going to complain about it because I'd rather mow than water - and I'm glad I mowed last Friday, as I was AWOL Saturday and Sunday. I meant to accomplish a lot of inside things today, but meh. The laundry is done, my bathroom is clean, I cooked some rhubarb compote for a frozen yogurt recipe I hope to make in a day or two, and I watched "Hope Springs" (I liked it). And I napped.

I recently finished reading 52 Loaves, by William Alexander. (He also wrote The $64 Tomato.) For me, it was a cautionary tale, as I am one step behind the author re doing things the hard way. I can't just make ice cream, I have to make the cream cheese used in the ice cream recipe; Alexander not only baked bread but grew his own wheat AND ground some of it by hand. He also brought the tradition of baking bread back to a monastery in Europe, gaining enlightenment in the process. His altered sense of being lasted about a week, as reality rudely intruded. (I think that is why many religions have the tradition of isolating their monks from the real world.) I don't plan on creating my own levain from the yeast on apple skins, but someday I hope to maintain sourdough starter.

Last week a neighbor one street over told me of finding a nest of bunnies in her yard. A heavy rain drowned most of the litter, but she rescued the surviving three and drove them to an animal sanctuary about 30 miles away. And I thought I was bad.

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  1. I too was gleeful about mowing the lawn when it rained Friday-Saturday and cleaned the house of all the green pollen that had settled on the furniture. I have friends who made sourdough starter but to be honest, the process sounded a bit gross to me. It has a strong odor!