Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bad hare day

I don't want to go into the gruesome details, but today has not been a very good day, for me or the local rabbit population. Let's look at the hotel room where I stayed on my business trip instead.

When in White Plains, we have to room at the Crown Plaza, as my employer has a deal with them that they will run a shuttle to the office on a regular schedule. This means we don't need to rent a car, which is good for my employer, and we don't have to negotiate the roads around Armonk, which is good for us. The Crown Plaza has always been comfortable, but they recently redecorated.

A place to work. Or order room service.

I'd take this lamp home with me.

A place to relax. Or work. Or watch "Grey's Anatomy" on Hulu.

A place to sleep. Or read.

Good hotel art.

The beds even had individual mini reading lights on either side of the headboard.

I'd take this lamp home, too.

Even the bathroom had art.

Now if they would only do something about the room service menu.

This tag is from the Hampton Inn in Peabody. All Hampton Inns have this tag, and in none of them are the towels allowed to be reused. No matter where I hang them, the towels are whisked away on a daily basis.

Just for show.

The Crown Plaza has no such tags, and yet the towel I left hanging over the shower curtain rod remained for my use for my entire stay. Go figger.

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