Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yardening is happening but very little knitting

If it weren't so hot out, I would take some pictures of the yard and garden just to show you what an improvement it is over previous years. For trees and shrubs, it's as though they have been near dormant the past two summers and are making up for lost time - super leafy. The hosta bed is *packed* as is the area in front of the house - I've never seen the cotoneaster so dense. The manure we added to the vegetable garden has been a worthwhile investment, too - the Brussels sprouts are *huge* and everything else looks healthy and happy. Funny what a little shit plus nice weather with generous rains will do. Hope the rest of the growing season is as fine.

I actually finished a pair of socks and was so unhappy with the result that, after several weeks of looking at them just lying there on the coffee table, I frogged them. Yep, two complete socks are now two balls of yarn. During the stare down, I started another pair but they are slow going. The Fibonacci vest for my SO, while *this close* to being done, looks so uninviting right now.

Yesterday my SO and I took the granddaughter to Riverfest. Three rivers converge here in the Fort, and they have recently been recognized as an untapped recreational resource. Not that you should swim in them or eat fish out of them yet, but they are improving, to the point where the raft race is returning to the Three Rivers Festival. (Yes, we have a lot of festivals here, averaging more than one a week for most of the summer.) Anyway, we enjoyed a ride on a pontoon boat, petted farm animals, bought some trinkets, shared an elephant ear and lemon shake ups for lunch. Things could have been a little more organized - more signage is needed, plus tables and chairs for dining - but this is a relatively young event. And it's free! Neither of us took any photos because it takes two of us to wrangle one toddler. Fortunately, she was done about the time we were done in, just as the sun came out and things really began to heat up.

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