Monday, July 1, 2013

Before they are outdated

I take photos of the garden, and then it grows, making the photos almost obsolete. So before that happens (again), here they are:

Most years this climbing rose of forgotten origin makes a halfhearted display, undoubtedly because I don't know how to prune it. Occasionally, it defies my incompetence.

Mystery squash in the compost bin.

Over the past few years, I have grown onions from sets, seeds, and plants, trying several varieties. These are Big Daddy hybrid from plants, but I think the secret to their lush health is manure and regular rain.

The Brussels sprouts that ate New York. Notice marigolds and zinnias and sunflowers planted in the cement blocks.

It has been many, many, MANY years since I have grown sweet corn. Already it looks better than this pic from less than a week ago. The cukes and zukes growing in the center of each circle of corn have NOT been so cooperative. Next year I may start them inside.

These beans were denuded of leaves by a rabbit that sneaked under the chicken wire that I neglected to staple down. I thought I would have to replant them, but they are recovering nicely.

This is what the non-nibbled beans look like.

The Burpee-grown peppers continue to outperform my homegrown ones. I'm going to assume it is the variety (which you may recall didn't want to even germinate, let alone grow) and not the gardener (ahem).

I'm reading Poor Man's Feast, which includes a recipe for marinara sauce that uses only four ingredients, so I have plans for these Roma tomatoes.

This is the first year I have noticed potato *fruit* on my plants. They look like little green cherry tomatoes; poisonous? If I were wackier, I might try growing potatoes from seed.

Here are my "try 'em, see if you like 'em" tomatoes: Fresh Salsa hybrid, SuperSauce hybrid, and Sun Gold hybrid. They are growing in bags of Miracle-Gro potting soil, the lazy gardener's friend.

And that is just the vegetable garden. Flowers up next.

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