Saturday, July 27, 2013


I am both heartbroken and mad - mad at myself - over this rabbit damage to the garden. After whacking away at the out-of-control forsythia, I left the copious trimmings in the area behind the veggie garden for later disposal. It looks like the culprits used this pile to boost themselves over the hardware cloth fence. And/or they squeezed through a gap at the corner of the fence. And/or simply scaled the fence, which was erected in a rather haphazard and flimsy way.

Sweet potatoes

Brussels sprouts


This all makes me feel like a bad gardener. It also makes me rethink the "backyard habitat" concept, or at least how I have implemented it. My yard is just too wild.


  1. I really, really feel your pain. I never get used to it, even though I've never had a single gardening season without critter damage. Usually deer, but also groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits. And of course slugs who are really enjoying my basil this year. Don't give up. We are, supposedly, smarter than they are. Aren't we?

  2. This looks like my Fan Flower Massacre, but worse. But remember, you are not a bad gardener. They are the cotton tailed minions of Satan.

  3. It's always funny how, as an adult, you realize that those quaint childhood books like The Tale of Peter Rabbit were actually based in real-life knowledge of animal behavior!