Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The flowers take a turn

Recently I have been relying on my phone camera, which takes pretty good photos as long as you don't zoom in too much. The side affect is my skills using the "good" camera have atrophied. Must stop being so lazy.

This monarda was languishing in the shade of the maple tree out front, so I relocated it and it is now very happy. And tall.

Last spring (2012) I got a little manic about buying plants. I've since calmed down, trying to be more purposeful about what I buy. At least these scabiosa have a nice long bloom time, unlike the salvia it shares this bed with.

Here is another relocation success story. For some strange reason, I thought these lilies would thrive on the north side of my garden shed. They are now scattered around the yard, where they get more sunshine.

Up close and personal.

This bed was created when I replaced my driveway and sidewalk, and is still a work in progress.

Serendipitously, I discovered the bright yellow of coreopsis and the cobalt blue of delphinium work quite nicely together.

These are 'Butterfly Blue' but I'm told they are the same as 'Summer Nights'. True? I don't know, but they are supposed to be shorter than most delphiniums, and compact.

More up close and personal.

I really like coreopsis, but the plants usually peter out after a couple of years. They may be replaced with all-yellow blanket flower if they don't shape up. I'm talking to YOU, 'Tequila Sunrise'!

The 'Angelina' is blooming. Besides planting some this year, I must have planted some in the bed above, as it is creeping down.

The 'Dragon's Blood' sedum from the bed above is invading as well. This is fine with me, as the two of them complement each other *and* will provide ground cover to choke out weeds.

This 'Purple Emperor' sedum is a newcomer to my garden. Succulents have recently grown in popularity, so more varieties are showing up in the local nurseries.

Remember the coleus "mother plant" I wanted to use to provide bedding plants for this planter? One plant was not really enough, but I experimented by chopping that one plant into sections and rooting each one. It took a while, which is why it is July and this box is kinda pathetic, but it did work. I also belatedly planted seeds for Black Eyed Susan Vine, to climb the trellis while waiting for the new clematis to settle in.

This pot has hung on my front porch for more years than I think possible, flowerless for the most part because not much likes the location. Since I was buying Black Eyed Susan Vine anyway, I am trying another variety called 'Blushing Susie' just for fun.

And that's it for now. If I were more organized, I would try for weekly photo ops. Maybe after I retire.

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