Sunday, August 4, 2013

Z is for ZhaZhaZhaZinnias

I favor flowers that are less exotic, more prosaic, kind of everyday, very reliable. Flowers like marigolds and zinnias. I've been trying to capture the variety of colors and forms in this year's batch of the latter, with more success than I usually have. Because the colors in real life are so vibrant, photos do not do them justice. Here are my attempts. (All are 'Lilliput Mix'.)


  1. Amazing photos! I love the little flowers bursting out from the middle of the flowers!

  2. I love zinnias, and the blooms last in the garden for ages. I too prefer flowers that are ordinary and would rather receive a flat of pansies than a dozen roses any day.

  3. Zinnias are my favorite flower in the garden--they're easy, go all summer, can stand heat, and bring butterflies and hummingbirds. This year the finches are even loving them--they eat the seeds on the flowers right outside my husband's office window.