Friday, September 13, 2013

In training

Sometimes one is tempted to preserve one's knitting, but when it comes to cotton dishcloths, I use them until they start to give out.

Doesn't quite look like the original, does it?

Knitting dishcloths is also a good way to get one's knitting mojo back after a summer break. The projects are small and useful and not wool. I made three replacements, one for general use and two for backups for when company comes.

Ninepatch, double moss stitch, ball band

The ninepatch and ball band ones are from Mason-Dixon Knitting, the double moss stitch just your run-of-the-mill bordered-with-garter square. All are in Lion Brand cotton.

The wash mitt I made my SO has seen its better days as well.

So I also whipped up a new one of those.

More double moss stich

NOW I think I am ready to get back into knitting. (It helps that the garden is winding down.)

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  1. The last dishcloth I made was when I used those little loop 'weavers' they give to kids--I was so proud when I finally made one which looked decent! I am lucky I get motivated even to buy new dish clothes-I admire you for making yours!