Monday, September 23, 2013

Not-so-lazy Susan

Since I removed the old clematis by the front door and its replacement is "sleeping" (first year sleep, second year creep, third year leap), the trellis needed something temporary this summer. Enter the black-eyed Susan *vine*. This is an annual that grows so fast you can practically watch it. I planted the seeds a bit late, but it still managed to cover the trellis, and then some.

This variety is the classic one, with sweet yellow-orange faces. I also planted a "blushing" variety in the hanging planter you see there, but neglected it too much, so no blooms.

Since the new clematis is the kind one cuts back each year, I may just continue these in the porch planter. I have dark red coleus there as well, and the clematis blossoms will be dark red, so they will be a nice contrast. But it is a good thing black-eyed Susan vines are annuals, or we might have a problem.

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