Monday, September 9, 2013

The long haul

Where's my ride?

My daughter and I took the granddaughter (who is not quite three) on a road trip to meet her great grandfather and other assorted relatives that live in the Boston area.

Are we there yet?

It was granddaughter's first long drive, first time in a hotel, first visit to the beach, first meeting of cousins her age from my side of the family. There were a few meltdowns (a spectacular one at Trader Joe's in Peabody and an interminable one on I-90, all the way from Boston to Albany), but in general, she was quite the trooper as we dragged her here, there, and everywhere.

Stylin' the rest stop

She must have been having fun because she did not want to go home. The grown-ups were more than ready for their own beds, though. Once back in the Fort, I told my daughter, Let's do this again... in about three years.

Road warrior


  1. Haha! Hilarious! Three is pretty young for a long trip--I love how she is clinging to all of her 'essentials' (stuffed animals, games, plastic purse). I had similar packing skills at her age.

  2. She's a cutie - and I love all that red hair!