Monday, October 28, 2013

My new addiction

Take some hand-dyed roving. (This is from the natural dyeing workshop I participated in, dyed with goldenrod - top - and bindweed.)

Add some other fiber (a darker green wool and some angelina - aka tinsel - in this case) and blend using a blending board (a birthday gift to myself.)

This creates rolags - fat sausages of roving with all the colors mixed together.

Spin the fiber from the rolags.

This results in single ply yarn.

Use a ball winder to wind the single ply yarn into a center-pull ball, then back to the spinning wheel to ply the yarn.

Wind the two-ply yarn on a swift to create a skein.

And - tada! - you have yarn.

What is addicting is the blending of the fibers. After taking a workshop in blending fiber, my interest was piqued until I priced drum carders. Even a pair of hand carders seemed expensive for their limited use. The Ashford blending board is more expensive than hand carders but more functional while being less than a drum carder. Plus I think the blending board will allow for more experimentation.

The only problem with the blending board is, time evaporates while in use. Quite the rabbit hole. I have to be careful when I start because it is nearly impossible to stop.

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  1. Oh, that DOES look addicting...........No! I didn't see it!!!!!!!!!!