Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not so plentiful autumn harvest

A light frost sweetens Brussels sprouts, which might explain why my resident woodchuck decided to eat not just the leaves but the sprouts as well.

But the critter did not get them all.

The sweet potatoes were a disappointment as well. This was the first time I grew them in the ground instead of containers, and they just did not produce. It could be that being decimated multiple times contributed to the lack of harvestable roots, or perhaps they did not get enough sun, thanks to the giant Brussels sprouts that overshadowed them, or maybe all that manure made the soil too rich in nitrogen. Regardless, I think I will return to using containers if for no reason other than the containers make the harvest much easier. (BTW, I grow a bush variety of sweet potato, Vardeman, which is perfect for small spaces.)

But the number one priority here is, I must-must-MUST either make the garden more secure or make my backyard habitat less hospitable to some wildlife.

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  1. Evil woodchuck! I love brussel sprouts fresh off the stalk.