Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY laundry detergent and deordorant

I like to cook from scratch. I also like to make other things from scratch. My daughter connected me with this website for making your own laundry detergent. I omitted the essential oil, worried that it would smell too strong, opting instead to add a drop to a load of laundry. By the time the clothes come out of the dryer, there is no scent left, so next time I will add an essential oil, to cover the smell of the Fels Naptha.

This time of year, my clothes do not get very dirty, so while they feel clean, I cannot yet verify the cleaning power of this detergent. I forgot to save the receipts to determine whether it is cheaper than buying ready-made detergent. Maybe next time.

"Next time" will probably be a year from now, as this recipe makes A LOT.

A friend linked me up with this recipe for homemade deodorant. I made some without essential oil (for my daughter, who is sensitive to scents), some with lavender (for moi), and some with clary sage (for the SO - it smells more masculine). The recipe is as simple as can be, takes five minutes at the most, and each batch produces 1/2 cup of deodorant. Winter is not my sweaty season, so I can't assess its effectiveness quite yet. I'll report back this summer.

Do you have any recommendations for DIY projects?

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  1. Interesting. One of these days I want to make soap, but I have about 500 projects to finish before tackling something entirely new.....:)