Saturday, April 19, 2014

It is finished (more or less)

Except for a couple of outstanding issues, phase 1 of the remodeling is DONE! On time! And I am happy with it! A much different experience than I have had in the past. Makes me want to start phase 2 NOW.

I've been taking pictures but they don't really do justice to the makeover. Yes, the crown molding gives the rooms a "finished" look. Yes, the paint spruced up the walls. Yes, the Spanish lace ceilings are nicer, but who spends a lot of time looking up? The sum of the changes resulted in an improvement to the gestalt of the house without compromising its modest ranch roots. It still feels like my home.

The carpet cleaners are coming on Tuesday, so I don't want to move furniture yet. Meanwhile, I am putting the kitchen back together, but not without spring cleaning as I go. I can't recall *ever* washing the insides of the cupboards, and since the doors are usually shut and what goes in there is usually clean, they aren't that bad. I've worked my way through a half bottle of lemon oil, putting a shine on old wood. A few things have been tossed (e.g. 20-year-old microwave cookware), some things have been rearranged (e.g. the four mismatched pieces of Fiestaware someone gave me forty years ago are now on display), and amazingly I have storage for *more*. Or so it seems - I'm not done yet.

The best thing about remodeling? I can stop looking at the ceiling damage, stop fixing the toilet innards with safety pins, stop wishing away the permanent stains on the counters. I can stop beating myself up for not doing it.

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed that you survived! I can't imagine having my whole kitchen torn up and living through the experience with whatever sanity I have still in tact.....