Friday, July 25, 2014

Moka, not mocha

I really like Americano coffee drinks - a shot of espresso with hot water - so when my Mr. Coffee coffeemaker broke a part, I decided to invest $25 in a moka maker. To be straight with you, moka is not the same as espresso, but it is a very cheap alternative for making intense coffee drinks at home. On the advice of Amazon reviewers, I purchased a small model, supposedly good for one or two people.

It took a bit of experimenting to get a drink I like. First, I switched from my usual "Mind, Body, Soul" roast to an espresso roast. For the moka maker, I set my bean grinder to medium (I use a fine grind for the drip coffeemaker). And then, after I brew my little pot of joe, I heat a half mug of milk in the microwave and pour the hot coffee into that. It tastes surprisingly chocolatey.

My drip coffeemaker still works, even with the broken part, which is just as well, as making 5 ounces of coffee at a time would be tedious for a group. And I still like to consume a certain *volume* of coffee, regardless of the strength. However, it is *not* as good as an Americano, IMHO.

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