Friday, August 1, 2014

After week 2

No worker bees today. Another client must have been whining louder than I was, and most of my whining has been directed at the overall contractor rather than the sub-contractors. The latter have been enjoying zucchini bread AND I was able to unload an accumulation of zukes on them. It was that, or sneak them into unlocked cars in the neighborhood.

Both bedrooms are this close to being done. All that remains is installing the ceiling fans and crown molding, plus a little touch-up. I did put a few things into the closets, just to feel like I was accomplishing *something*, but it barely made a dent in the West Wing.

The color we (i.e. my daughter) settled on for both bedrooms is the same as the trim color, "Heavy Cream". Going for the "blank canvas" look. I was afraid it might look too stark, but against the white-white ceilings, it definitely does not. The trim is semi-gloss and the walls flat, which also helps break up the sameness of one color. I really like it.

I've resigned myself to the fact that this remodeling is going to take at least another two weeks, one for the livingroom-diningroom-hall and one (or more) for the bathroom. In the meantime, I have started gathering estimates for the deck. More resignation: I will not be able to afford the no-maintenance composite materials for that. Oh, well.

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