Friday, August 8, 2014

After week 2.5

My house didn't get much attention this week from the painters. In fact, I had to pull out the whining stops to get them to wrap up the two spare bedrooms. The problem, of course, is that I am not their only customer. Also, they are working on a project for a school building, so are under the gun to complete that before the little brats return (which gets earlier and earlier each summer). They promised to come back on Monday, but I am lowering my expectations anyway. Next week, if they can get the diningroom done and the fireplace painted, while the plumbers complete the installation of fixtures in the bathroom, I will not whine... much.

To get a head start on the bathroom, the plumbing crew began the "demo" yesterday - "demo" in this case is short for "demolition". The tub enclosure is now gone as is the vanity top. The new enclosure is supposed to be delivered on Monday. So, between the painting, the plumbing, and the electrical, we should have a full house.

Meanwhile, I have begun transferring anything I can lift from the West Wing to the bedrooms. The mattresses in each room are on metal frames, so I bought a couple of inexpensive headboards from Furniture to Go. (An aside: I have purchased and assembled a lot of Sauder furniture in my lifetime and am impressed with the improvement in selection, quality, fasteners, and instructions over the years. Except the futons. I don't think it is possible to make a comfortable futon.) Since my granddaughter will be here tomorrow, I am concentrating on making her room "livable" first.

I am also making rules (subject to change) about what goes where. The granddaughter room will be the yarn room (mostly a storage issue - the stash goes in the closet). It will also contain the hobby library. The guest bedroom will be the spinning room, so its closet will be filled with roving. Re my clothes, I decided one closetful was enough for one person, freeing up some space in the second closet in my bedroom for stuff that doesn't meet the rules for the spare bedrooms. There is a method to my madness! If I stick to the rules, I will know where to look for something. Theoretically.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in this city is the recipient of anything that is removed and reusable (like the ceiling fans and framed mirrors). If you have such a place where you live, I strongly recommend sending stuff their way.

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