Friday, August 15, 2014

After week infinity

I wonder if it is a strategy to drag out construction projects so that by the time they are done, you don't dare nitpick the little flaws because you just want everyone OUT of your house. Sometimes I dream of a desert island where there is no phone, no door bell, no remodeling, just a grass hut and umbrella drinks.

And yet I am collecting estimates for a deck over the patio. Four deck guys have been here, and I've received three quotes; guess who will not even be considered. Actually, it is down to two of them - numbers are about the same, but their approaches are a little different. Getting estimates is like dating - someone is bound to get hurt.

So. The dining room is finished, the fireplace is painted, the living room is almost done, the hallway and bathroom about three-fourths of the way there. The current worker bees expect to be done in the middle of next week. No one has measured for the flooring by the front door yet, which means the flooring is not ordered, let alone installation scheduled. I am very pleased with the workmanship but very unhappy with the management of the overall project. I tried communicating through the PM but found it was easier to just talk to the sub-contractors myself.

Anyway, the end is in sight, more or less. The deck will be all outside work and take about a week or less. I can live with that. By then, autumn will be here and I will be ready to hunker down for the duration, knitting and hot cocoa at hand.

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  1. Dang--I was drinking coffee when I read the part about estimates being a lot like dating. Too funny. But I hope this is all over soon and you can enjoy your fabulous NEW house!!!