Friday, September 18, 2015

Decluttering update

Almost a year ago, I stumbled across Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and made an effort to apply it to my domicile. (And I want to note here, I was #konmarie'ing before it was trendy. Just saying.) Despite my earlier efforts, paper continues to be a problem - just when you think you have it under control, more surfaces from some magical place. And I keep accumulating kitchen gadgets I have no room for.

I have also discovered that the process described in the book needs to be reapplied occasionally. Something that gives one joy in 2014 may be totally annoying in 2015. While I discarded my work uniform (Docker-like twill pants) about two minutes after retiring, I am finding many other clothes in my closet do not suit my new lifestyle as a retiree. Plus, they are completely out of fashion.

(An aside: It is not lost on me that the current selections in the department stores look like they came right out of my wardrobe from the 1970's. A part of my brain thinks, If only I had saved those peasant blouses, that poncho, the sweater with a shawl collar in shades of brown, I could wear them now. Except I could not wear them now, as they would be laughably too small for this post-middle age body. Also, it's a style only the young can carry off.)

Winnowing clothes is a lot more satisfying than paperwork. If I haven't worn something in several years, it is easy to relegate it to the Goodwill bin. With paper, just because I will never look at a particular item again does not mean it can be tossed. Also, clearing out the closet means more closet space which can be filled with something joyful like yarn or new and more fashionable clothes that actually fit, while at this point, throwing out paper just makes room for more paper.

I recently asked my kids if there were any of my possessions either of them wanted, and the answer was NO. (Really? Nothing?!?) Now I can look at my stuff with the knowledge it will likely become so much landfill at some (hopefully far in the) future date. That gives me license to continue to whittle away.