Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween is over

If I were a better photographer, I would have pix of just how far I went in Halloween decorations this year. This Jack o' lantern was just the beginning. There is nothing like having a five year old granddaughter to get one's holiday juices flowing.

Most houses in my neighborhood barely acknowledge Halloween, perhaps because the most goblins we get begging for candy is a dozen. One family really goes to town, though - ghosts and skeletons hanging from the trees, tombstones galore, etc. My aim was to simply appear welcoming. While that included one glow-in-the-dark skeleton, the rest was rather tame.

Re landscaping, I did trim back the sand cherry so accompanying adults did not lose an eye and reined in the switchgrass so the porch could be found. Joining the usual window dressing were construction paper pumpkins, ghosts, and tombstones. Some led lights glowed from inside the pumpkin (which I had to carve myself as the g'daughter considered the guts to be too icky and I deemed the knives too sharp for her to wield). Halloween flamingos marked one side of the walk, while orange lights delineated the other; at the curve to the porch, the orange lights gave way to ghost lights. Then there were some cobwebs here and there, some real, some store-bought.

And that was it. The next day, everything cleaned up very easily, so easily that I am contemplating doing something more than my usual at xmas. But first, g'daughter and I need to update the picture window with turkeys.