Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I never heard of Holidailies, have you?

I didn't sign up for NaBloPoMo, which was just as well, as even though I kinda aimed at posting daily during the month of November, I fell far from that goal early on. Today I learned about Holidailies, same concept but for December. I thought maybe this pseudo-event was created in response to the pseudo-demise of NaBloPoMo, but no - Holidailies has been around for 13 years. Huh.

So I did something stupid and actually signed up for Holidailies, even though, in the past, I railed about how it was stupid to have NaBloPoMo in November, given the holidays, that it made more sense to do it during the February doldrums where there is the added bonus of it being a short month. Hopefully, I will have lots of xmas knitting (and needle felting?) to show, maybe some winter solstice indoctrination to share, definitely some holiday baking.

Or maybe I will post a daily photo of Finn.

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  1. Posting every day interferes with my plan to post once a month.