Sunday, March 10, 2013

It always snows in March...

... just not this much.

For a while, I thought the weather forecasters were joking about the storm, but no.

Fortunately, it is melting. In fact, right now it is 52 degrees out. Seriously, can spring be far behind?

Apparently not, as I started some seedlings. Last weekend it was broccoli and lettuce, this weekend peppers and herbs. The former have sprouted, so I moved them to the garage, where the plant rack now resides. I hope to forestall the rampant legginess I experienced last year.

I also tried out my pot maker, primarily because I was too lazy to rummage in the shed for plastic pots left over from last year.

So far, so good. We'll see how they hold up between now and transplant time.

I also repotted the Meyer lemon and geranium plants. And by "repotted" I mean took them out of their pots, trimmed their roots a bit, and put them back into the pot with some fresh potting soil. Neither of them need to be potted up.

And that coleus that was supposed to be the mother plant for all coleus plants this spring?

Not quite. It did not grow as much as I thought it would over the winter. Next fall I will take a cutting for each plant I want to grow in the front porch box.


  1. It's all melted here (almost). This has been the strangest winter! I did hear that a hard frost is actually good for many early spring vegetables and flowers. If that is true, you're in for a great growing season!

  2. This was a no-snow year for us, just long stretches (i.e., three days) of dry weather followed by longer stretches (ten days) of torrential rain. I would like never to hear the words "urban flooding" again.