Monday, April 8, 2013

Little bit of this, little bit of that

We have daffs!

And purple crocus.

I'm surprised the crocus is still standing, as usually the rabbits feast on it by now. Maybe they are too hungry for the barely green grass.

Today is an in-like-a-lion mixed with a bit of April showers kind of day, a good day to do inside stuff like transplant the lettuce into larger containers (along with a few radish seeds), plant some spinach, also into a large container, and plant the Roma tomato seeds, in little pots made of newspaper.

Over the weekend, I planted onions - 'Big Daddy' from Burpee. As you may recall, the plants arrived along with some snow. Two bunches - 150 plants - is just about right for my 4' x 4' bed. Also planted English peas and snap peas. I thought I had enough of the former for two 4' x 1' sections, but no. So the garden plan has been amended to one section English, two sections snap.

I see I forgot to mention the zinnias and marigolds I started April 1. I also cut down the grasses sometime between then and now.

The trees and shrubs have yet to leaf out, which may explain why a robin is building its nest in the boxwood right outside the livingroom picture window, the same boxwood I plan to heavily prune and shape into a pseudo-xmas tree. Do robins reuse their nests? Maybe once the babies fledge and fly, I can get out the hedge trimmer.

And that is enough for now.

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