Monday, April 29, 2013

Northeast Indiana Fiber Festival

The information said the Northeast Indiana Fiber Festival was to be held at the Noble County Fairgrounds, in the log building.

This one?

Sign says "Closed. Call 911"

No.  How about this one?

Snack bar?

Nope.  Maybe here...




My SO and I popped in for a quick shopping spree. Despite there being some lovely roving in a variety of natural and not-so-natural colors, I resisted. It has been hard enough to get to the wheel at all, but with gardening season starting up, it is nearly impossible. And it is not like there won't be roving elsewhere.

But fiber fests have not just wool, but other goodies. Like soap made from sheep milk. I asked the vendor, "Who milks the sheep?" She does. She is quite petite with small hands, so I can see that (as I imagine the teats on sheep are rather small, but what do I know?)

Because I am growing tired of carrying a purse, I bought this card carrier. I figure I can get the bare essentials in there (bank card, library card, insurance card) and slip it into a back pocket. Now if designers would just put pockets on women's clothing.

I like to knit shawls but I don't like to wear them because they involve a lot of fiddling if one does not have a shawl pin. I've been looking for shawl pins for a while now, but this is one of the first ones I've seen that I really like.

And there were other purchases: local maple syrup and lanolin based lotion (which smells decidedly sheepy). I also meant to buy some sock yarn that was a blend of merino, alpaca, and nylon, but forgot. Ditto the finger puppets. But I think I can make my own finger puppets, from leftover sock yarn. Should not be much more difficult than glove fingers, right? (Famous last words.)

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