Monday, April 22, 2013


I was paging through photos the other night and realized that most of the winter shots are of knitting while the summer ones are of the garden. Those are my two main avocations, I guess.

This past weekend I tried to pace myself. On Saturday I mowed the front yard (once the snow melted) and cleaned up the beds there. Sunday I mowed the back and wrapped the pea beds in poultry netting. Today, well, it didn't feel like I spent hours gardening, but I did in spite of a slight setback.

Fortunately, my SO came to the rescue.

So what did I accomplish? Planted potatoes (while simultaneously ridding the bed of Canada thistle - I HATE that stuff!), transplanted spinach (the heavy rains washed out what I had planted from seed), arugula, and chamomile. I filled in some ankle-breaking uneven spots in the yard with cheap top soil, topped off the pea gravel by the water faucet, set the bird bath upright (the high winds keep knocking it down), and installed a timer on the grow lights in the garage.

And then I cooked supper - bok choi and panir stir fry. I'm a little surprised I am still going. I think I could do more, but I'm not going to. A gardener has to know her limitations.

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