Sunday, August 25, 2013

Not again!?!

When I left on vacation a week ago, the sweet potatoes were showing a healthy recovery from being eaten by what I presumed were rabbits. Upon my return, not only were the sweet potatoes once again decimated, but I saw this critter in the backyard. (Sorry for the quality of the pic.)

My old garden blog was named Woodchuck Acres because I used to spot woodchucks, aka ground hogs, on a semi-regular basis. I had not seen one in years, though. Until yesterday. Finn watched from the patio - guess it was a bit more than he wanted to bite off - and Betsy was not picking up the scent. Maybe I will brush the pets today and distribute their fur in the sweet potato bed. That trick discouraged the chipmunks; maybe it will work on woodchucks.

1 comment:

  1. My goodness! You have certainly fed many hungry critters this year, just not yourself! What an interesting idea about brushing your pets to keep them away--I'd never heard that before!