Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 knitting recap

I did not knit as much this past year as I have in previous years (partly because I spent so much time watering the garden), but I was no slouch, either. I tried some new things, like dyeing yarn using KoolAid. I retried some things, like toe-up socks. My Ravelry project list shows a ton of WIPs, which I am hoping (as always) to finish. Most of them just need a button or some seaming or blocking - I don't like to count something as finished until it is usable - so maybe, just maybe, some of them will get finished in 2013.

Speaking of finishing, I was in a LYS recently, purchasing buttons for a long neglected sweater. When I mentioned that the garment had been languishing, she informed me that she offers a finishing service. The idea of hiring someone to finish my handknits just feels... wrong. And yet I would love to have someone take a quilt top I pieced together completely by hand and turn it into an honest-to-god quilt. What is your opinion?

Household: four dishcloths, kitchen curtain

Wraps: Wingspan, Honey Cowl, poodle skirt scarf, Degradee scarf, Smilla cowl, toddler scarf

Socks: plain striped, legwarmers for me, legwarmers for my daughter, basic socks, more basic socks, lace socks, toe up basic socks

Hats: Katmandu

Gloves: fingerless

Blankets: Mitered Crosses, Prairie Blanket

Sweaters: Ribbed Jacket, cardigan

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  1. How funny--I couldn't have anyone else finish my knitting either, yet I am flirting with the idea of having someone else put my quilts together. (So far I've done it all myself WHEN a quilt has actually been completed). Why is it different?